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Hot Wheels x Daniel Arsham Porsche 356 “Bonsai” Speedster

Hot Wheels x Daniel Arsham Porsche 356 “Bonsai” Speedster

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Daniel Arsham owns a Porsche 356 Speedster, and over a two-year period, he stripped it to its barest, time-worn essence. Deeply influenced by Japanese culture and the concept of wabi-sabi – finding beauty in transience and imperfection – Arsham also upholstered the vehicle with indigo-dyed fabrics featuring boro patchwork sashiko-stitched lines. Our version of the “Bonsai” Speedster faithfully replicates the welding lines and weathered aesthetic Arsham created, including the vintage “BONSA1” license plate.

  • HOT WHEELS X ARSHAM Porsche 356 Speedster
  • Body Color: Weathering effect to match ZAMAC color
  • Body Type: ZAMAC
  • Chassis: ZAMAC
  • Wheels: Real Riders deep dish wheels with wash/wipe weathering effect
  • Window Color: Clear
  • Interior Color: Plastic replica of 1:1 version’s indigo-dyed Japanese textiles
  • Scale 1:64
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